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Best-selling Flagpoles
ExamplesMultiple and varied locations, general purpose flagpole

JMS' best-selling flagpoles including the Vantage Aluminium and Glassfibre flagpoles. These flagpoles are our most versatile ranges offering a wide range of heights, styles, and mounting systems.

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Premium Flagpoles
ExamplesPrestigious locations, five-star hotels, long term durability

These premium flagpoles are produced from a single piece of aluminium tube offering a smooth and elegant profile. The poles are a smooth tapered design which is finished with a white powder coating.

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Budget Flagpoles
ExamplesShowhomes, building sites and domestic use

JMS has a range of flagpoles for all pockets and applications. In this case, we have designed and engineered a collection of poles which will cater for shallower pockets, while still retaining excellent quality.

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Mobile Flagpoles
ExamplesForecourts, exhibitions, outdoor and temporary uses

JMS has a range of mobile flagpoles designed for events and easy transportation. These flagpoles come in a range of heights, styles and base types. We offer both indoor and outdoor flagpoles to cover all types of event.

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Angled Flagpoles for London Hotel

JMS recently supplied two 3 metre flagpoles for a London Hotel. These flagpoles were wall mounted with angled brackets and finished with a striking gold finial. Afraid we cannot na... Read More

Salford Triathlon Flagpoles

JMS had a small but important part to play in this year’s Salford Triathlon. A pair of our event flagpoles were used to display where competitors needed to complete their registr... Read More