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JMS Flagpoles

We have 4 types of flagpole to choose from

We have numerous flagpole specifications available, but all are split into 4 different flagpole types, primarily based on the quality of the pole or the purpose (i.e. mobile).

Choose one of the types below to view the flagpoles within each group.

Budget Flagpoles

Showhomes, building sites, and domestic use

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Best-Selling Flagpoles

A perfect mix of quality, flexibility, and affordability

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Premium Flagpoles

Prestigious locations, five-star hotels, long term durability

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Mobile Flagpoles

Forecourts, exhibitions, outdoor, and temporary uses

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3 reasons to buy from us

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Unsure which flagpole is right for you? Know the difference between a glassfibre or aluminium pole?

View our 2017 Brochure to see more detail about all the types of flagpoles we manufacture, as well as find the one suitable for you.

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