Angled Flagpoles for London Hotel

JMS recently supplied two 3 metre flagpoles for a London Hotel. These flagpoles were wall mounted with angled brackets and finished with a striking gold finial.

Afraid we cannot name the hotel, but after installation we felt the flagpoles (and new flags) had really helped the buildings traditional frontage to stand-out from the crowd. The hotel now flies a Union Jack flag and a Malaysia flag above their entrance. Both flagpoles are held in position using stay wires.

Stay wires are a useful tool to add additional support for the main flagpole bracket. The wires attach to the wall and then onto a collar around the flagpole. This system offers improved safety and stability to wall mounted flagpoles. It is still advisable flags are taken down in high winds to prevent potential damage to the pole but with the extra support of the stay wires flagpoles should remain sturdy in most weathers.

The angled brackets are finished in a white powder coating as is the collar, meaning both fixing tools are well disguised as part of the flagpole. Thus giving a tidy, professional overall finish. JMS were pleased with this installation and are hopeful the flags and flagpoles continue to be an eye-catching feature on this traditional London building.

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Written by...

Paul Noble

Paul Noble is a founding director and current Sales & Marketing Director of Banner Box. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.