Best-Selling Flagpoles

JMS’ best-selling flagpoles including the Vantage Aluminium and Glassfibre flagpoles. These flagpoles are our most versatile ranges offering a wide range of heights, styles, and mounting systems. Poles are available from 4m to 15m in heights and can be fitted with internal or external halyards.

These best-selling ranges are designed to offer great value and are suitable for most locations requirements. Flagpoles are manufactured to be as lightweight as possible without compromising on their durability.

Glassfibre Flagpoles

Glassfibre is an ideal flagpole material, the construction of glassfibre makes these poles light weight and offers excellent longevity. They are extremely durable and provide a cheaper option to Premium.

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Vantage Flagpoles

Vantage flagpoles are manufactured from aluminium, making the flagpoles versatile and durable. These flagpoles are making them ideal for many commercial applications and are also suitable for most residential locations.

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