Glassfibre Flagpoles

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Glassfibre Flagpoles

Glassfibre is an ideal flagpole material, the construction of glassfibre makes these poles light weight and offers excellent longevity. Glassfibre flagpoles are extremely durable and provide a cheaper option to the architectural models whilst retaining the look.

These poles are cost-effective in their ability to offer an aesthetically pleasing smooth, tapered, single-section flagpole. Glassfibres’ qualities offer a shiny smooth finish which is also a dirt repellent surface. The excellent longevity and competitive price makes these poles are a very popular choice for corporate and heritage applications particularly.

All our glassfibre poles come in one piece and can be supplied with robust and high quality hinged bases for ease of installation and servicing. Halyards can be external or internal for greater security, noise reduction and aesthetic appeal. Rotating arms are also available for all 12m and below glassfibre flagpoles.

Glassfibre poles can also be wall mounted, although generally, we do not advise this for flagpoles over a height of 5m. Wall mount brackets can be either angled (45 degrees) or vertical (90 degrees) depending upon the sites requirement. Brackets are mounted into the wall and hence may need approval and survey checks if the brackets are to be mounted to listed buildings particularly.

Glassfibre flagpoles can also be fitted into a concrete base for temporary requirements. These are available for purchase or rent and are generally used where flagpoles are required for a specific period. Please call to discuss these options further.

Product Options

Pole Height (m)No. of SectionsDiameter (mm) bottom/topWeight (Kgs)Max Flag Size (yd)Foundations (m)
4185/505.52(Wall Mount)
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