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Vantage Aluminium Flagpoles

Vantage flagpoles are manufactured from aluminium, making them versatile and durable. These flagpoles are ideal for commercial applications and suitable for most residential locations too. Manufactured by us, here in the UK for over 30 years, these highly versatile poles are available in a range of sizes (please see below).

This style of flagpole is our best-selling option for a number of reasons. Vantage flagpoles comprise strong sectional aluminium which is anodised or powder coated in white to give an incredibly durable and virtually maintenance-free finish. These poles are supplied with a ground sleeve as standard, which provides a simple, secure ground anchor.  The pole is secured with a through bolt which can easily be removed to allow access for maintenance. Vantage flagpoles can be supplied with hinged bases or wall brackets, or (if preferred) without a base.

The pole is supplied with a white, domed top, and a halyard (rope) on the outside of the pole, although poles can be fitted with internal halyards on request. The halyard is secured to a cleat which is fitted to the pole approx 1.5 metres above ground level (about eye level).

The flagpole is supplied boxed and requires the sections to be assembled for final installation. This means the vantage flagpoles is economic to transport and can be shipped via an overnight parcel carrier, keeping your overall cost down.

Please be aware that cheaper imitations can look incredibly similar externally, but will have a thinner-walled tube and will have the potential to fail in strong winds.

Product Options

Height No. of Sections Diameters Max Flag Size (Yards) Height Above Ground Foundations (m)
3m 1 60mm 1.5 Wall Mount Only Wall Mount Only
4m 1 60mm 1.5 Wall Mount Only Wall Mount Only
5m 2 60mm 2 4.5m 0.6×0.6×0.8
6m 2 75mm (base), 60mm (top) 2 6m 0.8×0.8×0.8
8m 2 75mm (base), 60mm (top) 2.5 8m 0.8×0.8×0.8
10m 3 95mm (base), 75mm (middle), 60mm (top) 3 10m 1x1x1
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