Budget Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

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Budget Wall-Mounted Flagpoles

These short, wall-mounted flagpoles are manufactured from 45mm diameter aluminium tube with welded brackets. The poles are available in four lengths, ranging from 1.5m to 3m, and can be mounted to the wall using either vertical (90 degrees) or angled (45 degrees) brackets.

Angled flagpoles have a sturdy bracket set at 45 Degrees. 1.5m and 2m poles have bracket only and the 2.5m and 3m poles are supplied with additional stay wires to ensure the pole remains secure in high winds.

All Vertical flagpoles have a welded aluminium bracket at the base.  2.5m and 3m poles are supplied with an additional collar bracket to provide extra stability and security.

Product Options

Pole Length (m)Pole Diameter (mm)Vertical BracketsAngled BracketsStaywires (Angled Only)Flag Size (yards)
1.5451 Piece1 PieceOptional1.5
2451 Piece1 PieceOptional1.5
2.5452 Piece2 PieceIncluded2
3452 Piece2 PieceIncluded2
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