Flag Change

best-selling-glassfibre-flagpole-9Our flag change services are designed to specifically for retailers, hotels and owners of public buildings. The services ensure your flag is looking in tip-top condition all year round. Our service takes the hassle out of ensuring your flag is display immaculately in all conditions.

JMS are fortunate enough to service flags regularly in Central London and have a regular flag change round meaning we are able to offer services at times convenient to your needs. For example JMS are proud to already service a number of flags and flagpoles on Bond Street which are all done in the night to cater for specific location requirements.

Flags are flown in essence to catch the eye and draw attention to a business’ premises. A tatty or poorly displayed flag surely in that case gives all the wrong signals to potential clients. Flag change requires two flags which we then wash one whilst the other flies. These flags are then swapped at intervals of your choosing ranging from weekly to quarterly.

Each service will include a brief check of the flagpole and a clean of the pole if required. The flag will then be changed to leave a freshly cleaned flag flying. This regular servicing ensures the long-term health of your flags and flagpoles. JMS currently complete a range of services and also work with partners to service flagpoles in locations such as: Royal Museums, Royal Academy of Arts, Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum.