Temporary Flagpole and Base

Temporary Flagpole and Base

Our temporary flagpole is an ideal solution for events, offering a professional finish without the hassle of installing bases. These flagpoles can be purchased or hired depending on your longer term requirement.

The flagpole itself is one of our 6 metre glass fibre poles (as seen in the best-seller category). Glass-fibre as a material is lightweight and durable, characteristics which lend themselves perfectly to the events and festival industry. These 6m flagpoles are supplied with finial, halyard (external or internal) and cleat where required.

As 6 metre high, these poles offer an excellent branding tool at outdoor events, offering instant visibility and a professional look and finish. These poles have been used in a range of applications from providing short-term event welcome signage to adding height and branding on a trade stand.

The base itself is made from concrete and comes with a neat white cover. The flagpole simply drops into the precast ground sleeve within the base and is bolted into the ground sleeve for additional safety and security. Rotating arms are available with these poles on request. If you would like more information on this temporary signage solution, contact us now.


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