Architectural Aluminium Flagpoles

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Architectural Aluminium Flagpoles

Architectural aluminium flagpoles are ideal for prestigious locations or big events. The flagpoles are produced from a single piece of aluminium tube (up to 12 metres in height). The one-piece construction of the pole has a smooth and elegant profile and is tapered at the top.

Architectural aluminium flagpoles replace traditional wooden alternatives, offering improved longevity, durability and a more seamless finish. All of our flagpoles are finished with polished, cast aluminium cleats, braided marine-grade polyester halyards, machined aluminium tops and durable, anodised and powder-coated finishes.

This style of flagpole is available with either an internal or external halyard. Internal halyards (rope inside the pole) are largely recommended as they are more secure and minimise noise made from the flagpoles ropes in windy conditions.

Flagpoles can be fitted with a range of finials (tops) including a traditional truck head, rotating arm or a gold finial. This choice does not  impact the performance of the pole. Flagpoles can be supplied with a fixed base or a hinged  base, the latter being more advisable as it makes lowering the flagpole much easier for cleaning.

The table below displays the flagpole specifications and the maximum recommended size flags to be flown on each pole.

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Size Parts Base Diameter Top Diameter Weight Max Flag Size for Pole Foundations (m) *
6m 1 Part 114mm 60mm 13kg 2yd 0.8×0.6×0.6
8m 1 Part 114mm 60mm 18kg 2.5yd 1×0.8×0.8
10m 1 Part 165mm 76mm 30kg 3yd 1×0.8×0.8
12m 1 Part 165mm 76mm 41kg 4yd 1.5x1x1
15m 2 Parts 220mm 76mm 156kg 6yd 1.5×1.5×1.5

*Foundations – recommended dimensions for the concrete flagpole foundations which are attached to the flagpoles base, dimensions advised as subject to site survey to fully assess your locations requirements.

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